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Drip Irrigation

We provide a wide variety of drip irrigation technology, including online drippers, integral drip line, and pressure-compensated drip line.

Farm Management Software


Advanced farm management software systems for all types of crops and climate conditions.  

Filtration Systems

Filteration systems for the removal of all types organic and non-organic sediments and polluted water.


State of the art computerized fertigation systems with precise application of fertilizer for all types of agricultural needs.



Various types of climate controlled and computerized greenhouses for all types of crops.

Water Treatment for Iron Removal Systems

State of the art iron removal and water treatment technologies for all types of water.


Solutions for all types of nursery irrigation needs including micro spinklers, climate control, fogging systems, advanced drip irrigation, filtration, and fertigation systems.

Irrigation Computers

Advanced technology for pump switchboards, variable speed control, and irrigation control.

Micro Sprinklers

Large range of under-tree micro-irrigation and micro-sprinkler systems for all types of crops.


A wide range of advanced technologies and solutions for all types of landscaping needs including sub-surface drip irrigation and residential irrigation control systems. 

Seminars & Study Tours

We provide opportunities to gain knowledge and stay updated with the latest developments in the field of irrigation through seminars, study tours, and newsletters.

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